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Non-binding nature of information

At www.lambdacapital.ch, LCG offers (among other things) general information about itself, its products, and its partners. Such information is intended as a guide to those interested in the company and does not constitute a request, an offer, or a recommendation either to buy or sell investment instruments or to undertake any other transactions, nor does it represent an actual investment proposal or any other kind of advice.

Legal restrictions

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Liability exclusions

To the extent permitted by statute, LCG refuses to accept any liability for damages caused by the use of its website.

Data security / personal data

Electronic contact or communication in principle always involves the transmission of data via a public, universally accessible network. Data may be transmitted abroad even if both sender and recipient are located in Switzerland. While individual data packets may be transmitted in encrypted form, the identity of both sender and recipient remains unencrypted, and a third party’s ability to deduce the existence of a business relationship (present or future) thus cannot be ruled out.

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